Best Military Flashlight 2019 – for Police and Outdoor

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Best Military Flashlight 2019 – for Police and Outdoor

Who needs a military flashlight ? Anyone who is professionally dependent on a reliable and robust light source – military, security and rescue forces, but above all outdoor enthusiasts!

So here’s my personal recommendation in advance:

Best Military Flashlight – Fenix ​​Uni Ld75c 

Cheap Military Flashlight – Klarus XT11GT

Last week, our dog marked the macho and let me stand whistling wildly and shouting down the hall. My camping torch also glowed only from noon to noon, which I never thought about.

Now the mighty beam of a military flashlight would be in demand: My friend works at a security company, who regularly test their lights to a military flashlight, who takes his handy little lightsaber on his patrols with – so I need a range!

  • 1 The best military flashlights
  • 2 The best flashlight for military and outdoor in comparison
  • 3 Buy a military flashlight
  • 4 What is the best flashlight for the police?
  • 5 The brightest LED flashlight
  • 6 A controversial military flashlight: Does it actually make 28,000 lumens?
  • 7 The strongest military flashlight in the world
  • 8 conclusion

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The best military flashlights

1st recommendation – Fenix ​​Uni Ld75c with 4000 lumens

  • Dimensions: 15.8 x 7.4 x 7.4 cm
  • Weight: 431 g
  • Bulb: XM-L2 U2 LEDs, XM-L color LED
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours
  • Intensity: 60,000 cd
  • Lighting range: 490 m

In 2004, FenixLight Limited enrolled itself in the saying that “improvements come from dissatisfaction” on the flag, since at that time were almost only lovelessly produced flashlights in the market.

The success is Fenix ​​right: Meanwhile, the multiple ISPO winner distributes his famous flashlights in over 100 countries, where they as

  • EDC,
  • at outdoor activities,
  • in the military,
  • Industry
  • and security use.

The design

The Fenix ​​Uni Ld75c has compact dimensions and a short head , which makes it just fit into the jacket pocket, but with inserted batteries it brings a proud 600 g on the scales.

The hand lamp can be transported much more comfortably in the included holster on the belt. Apart from the end cap, there are no removable parts on the entire housing.

Profiles, a large bezel ring and neat material thickness give longevity. The flawless mineral glass lens is covered with an anti-reflective coating.

The handling

Optimum operation is made possible by the three pushers arranged together.

  • The sun symbol controls the main LEDs. Long press activates turbo mode, short press leads to stroboscope with alternating flashing frequency (randomized stroboscope).
  • The power symbol triggers the last used light mode with a long press (memory function).
  • A long press on the C key activates the memory function, with a short press while the light is on , you can step through the flashing mode or light colors.

The light output

In the lamp head, the four white LEDs each lie in their own, relatively deep reflector segment with a smooth wall.

This results in the high range and a very small spot . The color LED sits in the middle of the white LEDs whose structured reflector is supposed to produce a homogeneous light image.

The photo shows a bright, clearly demarcated center and an irregular border area with the white LEDs. When colored light, the center is slightly diffused, but bright.

White and colored lights are activated individually, but they can light up at the same time.The overall good performance has only a flaw, and indeed lacks a battery warning: If the lamp is accidentally turned off forgotten, she powert until deep discharge through.


+ extreme white and colored light output 
+ Emergency operation possible with 2 batteries 
+ Reverse polarity protection


– very thick handle 
– without SOS signal 
– no battery warning

Buy this flashlight on Amazon

2. Conveniently tactical flashlight of the 4th generation: Klarus XT11GT

  • Dimensions: length 14.3 cm, head diameter 3.49 cm, shank 2.45 cm in diameter.
  • Weight: 130 g without batteries
  • Bulb: CREE xph35 HD E4 LED
  • Lumen: max. 2000
  • Lighting range: 330 m

The KLARUS LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY CO., Founded in Shenzhen in 2011, LIMITED includes a professional R & D team, production and marketing departments that together offer a broad selection of innovative flashlights of solid quality and performance.

Authorities and military, emergency services, hunting, outdoor, diving and EDC are the demanding applications of the powerful flashlight with belt pouch.

The design

The handy Klarus XT11GT, which we have examined in detail in this article , provides security forces and military excellent lighting performance and tactical functions in operations, even 2 m under water, because the housing is certified to the highest class IPX8.

The relatively tight clip and the tactical ring that adjoins the rear prevent rolling when holding and lying down.

An additional rubber ring between end cap and handle allows the tactical use with the cigar handle. In the edge of the end cap, the supplied hand loop can be pulled through, but the eyelets form a somewhat wobbly Tailstand.

A Velcro closure closes the included holster. The Klarus XT11S looks quite far out, but it can be plugged in with its head up or down.

The handling

Thanks to a light knurling in the grip area, the hard-anodized aluminum housing fits perfectly in the hand when held normally. The side control switch also serves as charging indicator and battery level indicator.

The opposite USB port is under a sturdy rubber cover that closes so tightly that it audibly pops when you open it.

In addition to the side button, the proven dual-tail switch allows you to quickly zap through the light menu and make complex settings.

The Klarus XT11S proves both precise tactical skills for security people who need the highest level immediately when switching on, as well as the suitability for all-round lamp for outdoor and everyday life, where for the near field usually “low-light” is needed.

The light output

Three pretty different application profiles are available:

1. The tactical fashion

You can reach the highest level immediately via the Tail switch and then use the rocker switch to set High or Low, an intermediate level is not available in Tactical Mode.

When switched on, a long press on the rocker triggers the strobe mode.

2. The hunting outdoor fashion

Low, Med, High, Turbo: These four steps can be controlled down the side switch and upshifted via the rocker.

Double-clicking the side button activates SOS mode and stroboscope.

Klarus flashlights bring an important detail to the SOS mode, and you can use the signal with reduced luminosity to extend the life.

3. The Ultimate Tactical Mode

As the name implies, there is immediate and exclusive “full throttle” and strobe on dual switch. Grading options are disabled just like the side switch, which also affects the battery level indicator.

To avoid overheating, the XT11S automatically shuts down after reaching a certain high-mode temperature.

The maximum light duration is 260 hours and the longest beam in clear weather 330 m. The complete package contains 2,600 mAh batteries, the hand strap, the holster and a USB cable.


+ tempered front glass 
+ great functionality 
+ twice as fast loading


– Side button activates in the holster 
– insecure holster with velcro closure 
– tends to burn out

3. Military flashlight with strong colored light: Fenix ​​TK32 2016, 039-271

  • Dimensions: 16 x 5.1 x 5.1 cm cm
  • Weight: 227 g
  • Lumen: 1000 white, plus green u. red
  • Max. Lighting duration: 170 hours
  • IPX8 / OB5
  • Lighting range: max. 422 m
  • Illuminant: 44500cdCree XP-L HI V3

The 2016 newly modified Fenix ​​TK32 differs from its predecessor mainly by the smaller head.

The background to this is both the optimized handling in tactical situations as well as increased performance by a remake of the reflector.

The design

The Fenix ​​TK32 2016 essentially retains its classic shape. It is continuously milled secure and processed to IPX-8 / 0B 5 waterproof.

Fenix ​​has waived Tailstand for the Lanyardöse and the Heckbutton. The transition to the reflector is kept smooth and provided with two cooling fins, since 1000 lumens produce considerable heat.

Intelligent overheating protection, which automatically shuts down to a lower power level, is indicated by the highly visible mark on the reflector.

The handling

All settings can be reached via the Tailbutton, which characterizes the tactical use.

The main switch serves as a momentary light and power button for switching on and off.

When the lamp is on, the mode switch will click through the digitally controlled brightness levels

  • low,
  • Medium,
  • High
  • and Higher.

Strobe mode or SOS is not available.

When the lamp is off, press red and green momentary light on the mode switch in high and low.

Permanent colored light of the selected setting activates a click on the main switch. Optionally, the Fenix ​​TK32 can be equipped with a waterproof AER-03 remote pressure switch.

The light output

The white LED and the color LEDs have their own reflectors , which significantly boosts the performance of the colored light.

Digital control ensures constant brightness with decreasing battery level: A warning is triggered if the voltage is too low. Likewise, there is a reverse polarity protection.

The headlights

The white Cree XP-L HI V3 LED produces a strong beam with up to 422 m of light range, colored light produce XQ-E LEDs with 50,000 hours life.

With intense color light, this tactical flashlight is suitable for military, hunters and anglers during nighttime activities .


+ compact and lightweight 
+ robust aluminum housing 
+ Hunting color LEDs


– no strobe or SOS 
– without focus 
– special batteries needed

4. Tactical Flashlight ThruNite TN12 2016 XP-L Max 1100 Lumens EDC

  • Dimensions: 14.3 cm long, 2.54 cm in diameter
  • Weight: 86 g without battery
  • Lumen: max. 1100
  • IPX8
  • Light source: CREE XP-L V6 LED

In 2009, graduate David Chen founded his company ThruNite in South China. Continuous training formed Chen an expert for the then still young LED technology.

After a difficult start, in 2011 ThruNite moved its headquarters to Shenzhen, China’s dynamic metropolis.

Competent developers spend on average every two months new or improved products, which with excellent performance and moderate prices, a top spot in the LED industry.

The design

The small ThruNite® TN12 2016 XP-L Max 1100 Lumen EDC can be classed as a professional lighting tool just because of the high-quality workmanship.

It weighs only 83 g and with a length of 14.3 cm and a head diameter of 2.54 cm it is immediately ready for use in a leg or breast pocket of functional duty clothing.

The black, immaculately anodized aluminum housing is IPX8 certified for each 2 meters impact and waterproof and non-slip milled in the grip area. A silver-colored side button completes the high-quality look.

The scope of delivery is also impressive:

  • A wrist strap,
  • a clip,
  • Exchange switch gums,
  • 2 O-rings
  • and a user manual in English and German.

The clean stitched holster is pulled onto the trouser belt because it has no velcro on the back.

The handling

A reverse polarity protection allows only the correct insertion of the battery and build the clip, since the ThruNite flashlight otherwise rolls away.

The user interface is simply structured:

  • A light click on the rear switch turns on the minute light,
  • full press activates the continuous light
  • and a second click turns off the flashlight again.

When the lamp is switched on, swivel through the light steps on the side stainless steel handle. Prolonged actuation of the side switch leads to the stroboscope mode and pressing it again for a longer time stops it.

Thanks to the memory function, the lamp then starts in the last used mode, with the exception of Strobe. A slightly shaky tailstand is possible, as there is the lanyard at the edge of the end cap.

The light output

The stroboscope flashlight offers a wide range of uses with five light modes. The CREE XP-L V6 LED produces in its high-gloss reflector with anti-reflection coated glass lens a sharply defined, 226 m cold white beam of maximum 1100 lumens.Not only the very high light output , but also 0.4 lumens have tactical benefits to read maps unnoticed in military operations.

The continuous light in turbo mode remains switched on for a maximum of 10 minutes according to the manufacturer’s instructions, until the lamp controls down. Inserting flashing indicates the achievement of a low battery voltage.

The outstanding light image appears with a brighter center without donut and a homogeneous transition to the clearly demarcated edge area.

Overall, the newly launched in 2016 ThruNite TN12 with 12800 cd strong CREE XP-L V6 CW lights very bright without significant stray light.


+ intense light 
+ Light modes with memory function 
+ Tailstand


– loose contacts 
– difficult with gloves 
– without battery u. charger

5. Kraftmax Coast HP7 – Focusable High Power LED Flashlight for Military and Survival

  • Dimensions: 14.2 cm in length, 3.13 cm Ø handle, 3.78 cm Ø head
  • Weight: 204 g
  • Lighting range: max. 211 m
  • Lumen: 345
  • IPX4
  • Lighting duration: max. 2 hours

Looking back on the founding year 1919, the US-American company Coast knows that the required tools have never changed in origin.

Henry Brand began his career on the banks of the Willamette River in Portland Oregon with an improved filleting knife for the salmon caught there.

He then designed special knives for lumberjacks and a multi-tool, which made the company a specialist in professional equipment.

In 1996, the latest product line was added:

  • LED flashlights,
  • LED Headlights
  • and LED lanterns.

The design

The focusable Kraftmax Coast HP7 high-performance LED flashlight, with 14.2 cm in length, 31.3 mm diameter handle and 37.8 mm head, combines the sophisticated handiness of small flashlights with the performance of an Army flashlight .

When focusing and operating the thick rubberised rear switch, the support increases the firm grip in damp or with gloves. Similarly, a rubberized O-ring seals the end cap to IPX4 against splashing water.

The 204g lightweight Zoom Lamp comes with a set of AAA alkaline batteries, a sturdy Molle compatible holster and a user manual.Well- done is the rolling protection in the form of a side-mounted lanyard, which gives the tailstand better stability.

The handling

About well-defined pressure points are the light modes at the rear switch

  1. High,
  2. medium
  3. and low clickable,

light pressure activates the minute light.

Real one-hand operation of the lamp head allows the smooth-running speed focus by pushing back and forth. The found setting can be locked by turning the head (Beam Lock).

The light output

The beam produces a strong center with a small spill. When opening the focus beam, an exact, shadow-free cone of light is formed.

The wide, uniform illumination is ideal for search work.

345 lumens reach a maximum of 211 m headlamps, which power in high mode for two hours.

The medium mode provides 180 lumens, which is bright enough for most situations.Sponsored Content

49 lumens in low mode are ideal at close range.


+ compact 
+ processed quality 
+ good handling


– Magnetic holder little compatible 
– decreasing luminosity 
– moderate focus

6. White and red head light – NITECORE flashlight Chameleon CR6

  • Dimensions: 14.3 x 2.5 x 4 cm
  • Weight: 136 g
  • Lumen: max. 440 (white light)
  • Lighting range: 190 m white light, 150 m red light
  • IPX8

Since 2007, the Chinese group Nitecore is one of the leading manufacturers of military LED flashlights and chargers. One of the first major innovations was the “Smart Piston Drive System”, which brought the first AA-based variable brightness hand light onto the market.

The design

The Chamelion range includes externally identical models with different secondary light colors. The “R” in the name stands for “Red”. The flashlight finds versatile use in hunting, fishing or to look at cards at night eye-friendly.

Please do not confuse: Infrared radiation, as used in night-vision devices, radiates from the Chameleon Nightcore C16.

The black anodized housing can be disassembled into the head, battery tube and end cap. Tailstand dominated the CR6 a bit shaky, since the edge has so to speak only two segments with lanyard openings as a footprint.

The handling

In the middle of the end cap is the large forward button for switching on and off.

At the lower headboard are the menu buttons for the LEDs. On the left you step through the white light modes, on the right the red ones, all very easy. To get into the highest levels immediately, hold down the menu key and then turn on the flashlight first.

At a certain battery level, an LED flashing light will come on.

The light output

Seamlessly, the white spot changes into scattered light. The red light forms a more concentrated, defined center, which is homogeneously diluted into scattered light.

190 meter range at 440 lumens are not really overwhelming, but the Chameleon trumps with 150 m range of its red CREE XP-E (R2) LED,


+ Red light with 150 m range 
+ Battery hazard warning LED 
+ Lens made of mineral glass


– Danger of dazzle 
– slightly distorted photograph 
– mediocre white light

7. Varta 1 watt LED Indestructible Flashlight

  • Dimensions: 13.6 x 4.1 x 1 cm
  • Weight: 163 g
  • Lumen: 120, 19
  • Illuminant: 1 Cree XP-C, 1 watt
  • Lighting duration: 5 – 40 hours
  • Lighting range: max. 160 m

In 1887 Adolph Müller and his partner Paul Büsche founded a factory for lead accumulators in Hagen. The brand name is formed from the words “distribution, charging, repair of portable accumulators”.

Over the course of an eventful century, the company has experienced the dark and the shadows of historical events, but the development of flashlights and batteries has continued steadily.

In 2011, Varta launched the “Indestructible” flashlight series whose indestructible construction is designed for extremely harsh conditions.

The design

The Varta 1 watt LED Indestructible 3AAA flashlight leaves no doubts about the manufacturer’s description, which declares the nine-meter height safely: The front and rear part is enclosed with solid rubber, only the forward angular expiring grip remains in black anodized aluminum-titanium alloy.

Behind the lamp head is a solid rubber ring in the form of a nut, which also serves as impact protection and at the same time serves as a rollaway barrier.

The end cap is equipped around its edge with raised rubber profiles, which are intended to neutralize impact energy. Only a hanger loop you look in vain.

A clip is missing and a holster is not available for the Varta flashlight – so the lamp must always be stored when working with two hands and transported in the field in a bag.

The handling

The operation is child’s play via the rear switch. Continuous pressing switches the lamp on, then leads to the two light levels and finally switches off again.

For outdoor use or professional use, strobe or SOS flashing light would be desirable, because to morsen with the right tight rear switch, causing cramps in the thumb.

The light output

The beam range up to a maximum of 160 meters, in low mode 63 meters convince in practice. The photo shows a small, very bright spot with moderate stray light.

Overall, the cone of light remains relatively limited, which can easily be too bright when working in close range, but insufficiently flooded at a distance. Buyers appreciate the economical energy consumption, the robustness and that Varta delivers a set of batteries.


+ easy operation 
+ cool white bright light 
+ rubberized case


– loose contacts 
– without stroboscope 
– no hand strap or clip

The best flashlight for military and outdoor in comparison

Granted, the Fenix ​​Uni Ld75c is the most expensive flashlight in our comparison and a bit more powerful than its competitors, but on closer inspection relativized the outstanding performance of the price.

Predestined for professional use, deliver 4 cool white LEDs plus a four-color LED legendary 4,200 lumens with a wide spot and almost 500 m range.

For effective defense combined colored and white LEDs in strobe mode, the ability to act of an aggressor, whether human or animal, down rapidly. Five light levels can be easily operated via the triple side switch: All this can our comparison winner , the Fenix ​​Uni Ld75c .

To our price-performance-winner, we choose the compact, but extremely bright Klarus XT11GT flashlight , which has over 2000 lumens in 3 modes, which should light up to 50,000 hours and master strobe.

Their waterproof aluminum housing and economical consumption makes this versatile tactical flashlight an indispensable companion on the job and at leisure: the improved edition of the proven Klarus XT11S.

Buy a military flashlight

Stronger, brighter, more enduring: The equipment of the armed forces has the reputation of being better in all criteria than civilian counterparts. However, such a statement can not be generalized, first of all the question arises: “Who or what are the armed forces?”

Which military flashlight test does the TL have to pass?

First differentiations within the army would be air force, navy and land forces. Going by each department has its own requirements for their Military Flashlight:

The pilots flashlight

An extremely bright military flashlight uses a pilot for the pre-flight check. The great responsibility for many lives and millions of euros expensive device requires accurate checks of the drive bays and turbines before each start.

If martens, birds or other stowaways remain undetected, the machine can crash in the worst case.

The Navy Seal flashlight

The classic US Coast Guard equipment includes the SureFire 6P Dive Light. The original model was modified for the Navy Seals to 30 m water depth.

Highest IPX8 waterproofing is essential on board, but the worst enemy of the technology is saltwater. In the long term, the aggressive liquid attacks rubber seals and the rest of normal flashlight material.

The army flashlight

The high-performance flashlight of the Swiss Army has achieved great fame. The rectangular shape of the TaLa 15 allows comfortable wearing on clothes with a clip.

From their extreme resilience against

  • wet,
  • Dirt,
  • heat
  • and cold

also benefit outdoorers, craftsmen and campers.

The original Bundeswehr flashlight is also rectangular, but it gives a more nostalgic touch. A metal or plastic box, with two color slides and a low beam, manually controls the light mode.

With a leather tab she can be attached to a button on the breast pocket.

A good military flashlight with wireless remote trigger can be used in rescue operations when approaching people with special equipment, and combat and combat boots is too dangerous for humans.

For example, a person has broken into the ice on the lake and a trained official dog goes with rescue equipment and the light on the harness to the accident site.

The stroboscopic lamp for self-defense

High-frequency flashing hides the human eye for up to two minutes – two minutes that can decide an emergency situation.

This non-violent defense is considered one of the first measures in a surprise attack, as military personnel always wear a strong flashlight on their bodies when they are on war even when sleeping.

The LED angle flashlight

Members of military units as well as fire brigades, THWs and mountain rescue personnel often wear an angle flashlight in the breast pocket of the service uniform.

Since a headlamp can sometimes not be attached because of a helmet, goggles or breathing apparatus, an angled BW flashlight allows enough freedom of movement when things get hectic.

Caring drivers are less spectacular when they bring a US angle flashlight as an EDC in the glove box, if a tire change is necessary, but then no passenger is present to assist.

What is the best flashlight for the police?

The areas of application of the police overlap in part with those of a military LED flashlight.

Specialized flashlights offer best performance in a specific area, universal police flashlights can do it all .

Portability in a holster requires a lightweight, compact body that is easy to grip even when wearing gloves.

The same applies to simple operation, which must be done “blindly”.

Pre-selectable light modes make good preparatory work on the way to the site.

If there is a search for people in the forest and field, wide illumination with white light at a long distance is necessary. Blue light makes blood stains stand out if the officers follow a trail.

On the other hand, everyday life has other tasks where power is less important.

The best example is traffic control, with a slim LED flashlight held in the cigar handle and driver’s license in the other hand.

A customs official can hardly inspect angled radiators with a thick spotlight in the wheel arches or in the far corner of the engine compartment.

The brightest LED flashlight

If you discover a Military LED torch with 5x zoom and 8000 lumens for less than 12 euros , you can only make your 5-year-old son happy.

Reputable manufacturers are, for example, Novatec, ThruNite, Lenser or SureFire as a brand for an original US military flashlight.

But targeted browsing Amazon brings under a whole mountain of dubious no-name products but one or the other super-bright flashlight renowned manufacturers.

An LED flashlight with 2000 lumens is available

  • Acebeam L16 with 1 CREE XHP35 HI LED, 603 m lighting range ( view on Amazon )
  • Nitecore EC4SW with 1 CREE MT-G2 LED, 236 m lighting range ( view on Amazon )
  • Klarus XT 11GT with 1CREE XHP35 HD E4 LED, 316 m lighting range ( view on Amazon )

flashlight from 10,000 lumens

  • Olight X7R Marauder with 3 X Cree XHP70 CW LEDs, 12,000 lumens, 380 m beam range ( view on Amazon )
  • CrazyFire 18 x Cree LED XM-L T6 with 22,000 lumens, 1200 m beam
  • Oyedens 11 x CREE XML-T6 LEDs with 28,000 lumens, approx. 1000 m headlight range

A controversial military flashlight: Does it actually make 28,000 lumens?

And that brings us to the so-called “controversial military flashlight”.

These are mostly simple goods of China, which are under various names with untenable announcements such as “the brightest military flashlight in the world” or even brazen “shortly this military flashlight is prohibited” as high-performance lamps with self-defense potential to be praised.

These are the variants of a simple tactical flashlight for EUR 11.47 , like the HIILIGHT LED flashlight.

At this price, you also get a good flashlight that’s worth the this ad

But we are talking about companies that sell and market such a flashlight at prices beyond the good and the bad.

Do you know the company Ubertorch?

Dubious awareness gained the brand Ubertorch, which offers as the only item her supposedly extra bright military flashlight.

The U-Torch circulates under other names on online marketplaces ….

  • Lightstrike360
  • tacticlight 360
  • military flashlight 360
  • Covermason military flashlight x800
  • TL360 military flashlight
  • military flashlight 360
  • flashlight q250
  • tac light flashlight
  • shadowhawk flashlight
  • Oyeden’s flashlight
  • 2 pieces from iMing and DreamMaster

… or the flashlight can be ordered directly on the Ubertorch homepage. There customers expect a whopping 50% discount and free shipping.

Almost all customers report back because the prepaid goods never arrived. If anything was sent, there were problems with high import duty or confiscation because the deliveries were not declared.

As the? Ubertorch is a Dutch brand? That is not completly correct.

Ubertorch – more appearance than being

Orders are placed on a PC in the Netherlands, but the phone number and e-mail address are out of reach. The imprint also shows an address with tax number in London.

Other abnormalities underpin the dubious impression. The website is registered through an anonymization service in Panama and shipped directly from Hong Kong, if at all.

It is needless to say that the performance and quality of the overpriced lamps does not match the product description.

Bounced buyers have no legal means to get their money back, as very few European countries have a mutual legal assistance agreement with Panama. If necessary, you can contact the buyer protection via Ebay and Paypal.

The strongest military flashlight in the world

If the strongest flashlight for the military makes about 10,000 lumens, you can assume that information from renowned manufacturers are right. The strongest flashlight in the world, on the other hand, is a self-made unit that produces 90,000 lumens out of 1,000 watts.

It consists of ten 100W modules in series, powered by two batteries. Since the construct is a good meter long and lights only 10 minutes, it falls for me in the mindless category like “the largest pizza in the world” or something similar, to reach a Guinness entry.


At some point in the future, the future will bring about techniques that today create unimaginable lumen values ​​with long burn times in military flashlights. The luminosity does not depend on the number, but on the performance of the LEDs.

Best Military Flashlight – Fenix ​​Uni Ld75c

Cheap Military Flashlight – Klarus XT11GT 
( see on Amazon )

Anyway, our dog now wears an LED flashlight on the collar, and I’d like to have a sturdy, powerful flashlight with many features as I’ve seen in the pros for future outdoor use and power outage at home.

Best Military Flashlight 2019 - for Police and Outdoor

Who needs a military flashlight ? Anyone who is professionally dependent on a reliable and robust light source - military, security and resc

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