Solar Panels – Best Products & Opinions 2019

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Solar Panels – Best Products & Opinions 2019

Roofs can be more than weather protection. On many roof surfaces and on many facades there is space for a solar system. Be it for solar collectors, which produce warm water and support the heating, or for solar modules for power generation. Environmentally friendly and efficient both variants work. informs and gives practical tips. For example, which areas of your home can be used optimally – so you can enjoy even more sunny days in the future.

Why invest in solar technology?

Despite all climate targets, the energy consumption of private households for housing has tended to increase in recent years. The burning of gas and oil as well as the production of electricity pollute the environment and the climate. Renewable energies can be countered. But far too little is happening. Example: Warm water generated by solar systems has on average only accounted for less than 1.5 percent of private households’ energy consumption. Experts advise to use roofs much more for energy.

What are the options?

Anyone interested in solar technology must answer a question at the very beginning: What kind of solar energy use should it be? Depending on the location, orientation and shape of the building, there are several useful options to choose from:

  • Passive solar energy use on the building: With the help of a smart architecture, a lot can be achieved with little effort. When the sun is low in winter, large windows on the south side can trap a lot of heat. Modern windows offer good conditions for this.
  • Conservatories: Glass extensions placed in front of the house can serve as “sun trap” and “buffer zone” in front of the facade. However, energy can only really be saved here if they are not heated in winter.
  • Air collectors: They use the greenhouse effect, ie the capture of light energy behind a pane of glass. The heat can be brought into the house via a ventilation system or by means of a heat pump.
  • Solar collectors: For hot water production and, more and more often, also for the support of heating, solar thermal systems with different types of collectors and storage sizes are enjoying increasing popularity.
  • Solar power modules : Photovoltaics offer the opportunity to convert solar energy directly into electricity and feed it into the grid.

Good reasons to become active

Homeowners are spoiled for choice. Everything goes together – and certainly not all at the same time. Here are some tips that can help you decide which project should have priority:

  • Think about what work will be done at the house soon. If the roof has to be rehabilitated anyway, the simultaneous installation of a solar system can be particularly favorable.
  • If the facade is in need of renovation, you should not limit yourself to plastering and brushing. On the south-facing walls, there are radical alternatives: remove old windows and break off parts of the masonry in order to gain space for large window fronts.
  • If the heating or hot water system has to be brought up to speed soon, this is the ideal time to install a solar system at the same time.

Opportunities for investments in the future

Although construction work required in the short or medium term can be a welcome opportunity to think about the use of renewable energy and to realize it cost-effectively. But builders should not be tempted by this opportunity to make decisions that they later regret. An example: The collectors for the hot water are placed so unfavorably on the roof that there is hardly any room for the later planned installation of solar power modules.


Plan for the future. Think about how you want to power your home in 10 or 20 years. Let professionals advise you on what an overall concept might look like.Such planning – apart from the new construction – can hardly be realized at short notice. But it is easier to proceed step by step with the right ideas. Without the risk of obstructing myopic measures.

Solarcheck make. Take advantage of that  Fitness Check Solar of Consumer Centers. An energy consultant will determine at your home whether and how solar collectors or photovoltaic modules can be optimally installed – or even both. The advice costs you 30 euros. On this basis, you can ask companies for cost offers and inquire about funding.

Solar thermal: prices, costs and efficiency in 2019

If you are looking for a solar panel, but only have the features and not the particular model in mind and feel lost because of the millions of products on the market and are looking for a practical, fast and affordable solution, then you’ve come to the right place ,

We offer a comparison service from different sources for the same product or for a product with similar prices and features that saves you a lot of money and time.BESTSELLER NO.1

Solar Insulation Case 12v Solar Car Refrigerator Refrigerator Outdoor Mobile Storage Box Fishing Waterproof Box

  • 1, charged with car battery: Connect the two DC sides of “E” to the chiller and the solar battery, plug the car charger into the cigarette lighter and turn on the chiller switch. Then the car battery charges the lithium battery and supplies the cooling machine with power at the same time.
  • 2, charged by solar: Connect the two DC sides of “E” with the chiller and the solar battery connection and then turn on the switch of the chiller.
  • 3, charged with the household adapter: Connect the two DC sides of “E” with the refrigerator and the solar battery, connect the car charger to “D” and turn on the switch of the refrigerator.
  • 4, when charged by solar energy, it will be fully charged in about 8-10 hours in the sunshine. and then run the chiller for 2-3 hours. It can charge chiller while charging solar battery at the same time. After switching off, the temperature is kept for 5-6 hours (this time depends on the ambient temperature).


ECOWORTHY 200W 12V / 24V Off-Grid Solar Panel Kits: 2pcs 100W Polycrystalline Solar Panel + 20A Battery Regulator charges intelligent controller for the 12 / 24V charging system in the Home Boat Caravan



ECO-WORTHY 600W Voltage Converter 24V to 230V Waterproof Inverter Grid Tie Power Inverter for Solar Panel with MPPT Function (600W)

  • Brand new waterproof model.Pure sinus wave output, reverse power meter to cut your bill.
  • Work with the solar system. Creative MPPT technology, more efficiency.
  • Unique circuit design, higher efficiency, more stable. High frequency isolation transformer, high safety
  • Perfect electrical protection.

Betop-camp 100W 12V Portable Folding Solar Panel With 10A Solar Charge Controller For RV, Caravaning, Motorhome Rallies, Fairs, Mobile Offices 12V (Blue)

  • Versatile 12V Charge Set: Ideal for hiking, camping, caravans, RVs, boats or other 12V batteries that need recharging
  • The plate is well protected in a thick cloth bag. A practical carry handle is easy to carry and use. Ideal for cars, roofs, motorcycles, boats and snowmobiles
  • Solar charger for all 12 V batteries (series connection for charging 24V) with an optimum voltage of 18V
  • Powerful high conversion efficiency with monocrystalline solar cell with high efficiency. They achieve higher energy efficiency, although the panel is smaller than a conventional model

DCHOUSE 100 Watt 12V Polycrystalline PV Solar Panel W / DC 12 Volt Solar Water Pump for Pond Irrigation Washing Car

  • The package includes a piece of 18V 100W solar panel and a DC 12V water pump, the solar panel comes with pre-installed 90cm cable and MC4 plug, fit with the water pump, you can simply connect the pump directly to the solar panel and make it use under sunlight.
  • Free maintenance and easy cleaning.
  • The water pump provides continuous underwater operation, unique engine cooling technology, anti-sat corrosion, work perfectly in seawater.
  • Compact size and light weight, easier to carry, with removable strainer, suggest use flexible hose for easy operation.

Solar Energy Conversion (Topics in Applied Physics, Volume 31)

  • Publisher: Springer
  • Edition no. 11979 (17.04.2014)
  • Paperback: 356 pages
  • Make sure your camera’s battery is charged continuously
  • Fast setup and short loading time; Compatible with Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2 and Arlo Go
  • Adjustable bracket for optimal positioning
  • Weather resistant design. Operating temperature: 0 ° to 45 ° C

Steinbach Speedsolar Exclusiv solar panel Black 110 x 69 x 14 cm

  • High quality execution
  • Higher heating capacity possible through expandable modules
  • Can be used for all types of set-up pools

Hylotele Solar Pond Pump, Multifunctional Solar Energy Brushless Water Pump Fountain 15W Solar Panel + 3.6W with Rechargeable Battery Remote for Garden Pond

  • household goods

Arlo VMA5600, accessories, solar panel / solar charger (official, weatherproof, 2.44m magnetic charging cable, adjustable mount, only compatible with Arlo Ultra)

  • Charge the battery of your Arlo Ultra camera from direct sunlight
  • Weather resistant design
  • Includes a 2.44 meter long magnetic power cable and adjustable bracket
  • Only compatible with Arlo Ultra cameras

Pool heating solar panel pool heating 70 x 600 cm

  • Energy-saving to heat the pool
  • Up to 10 ° C water heating
  • Several collectors can be combined
  • Particularly weather-resistant

40W solar panel with cable – 12V battery, boat, caravan, car, van, camper, camping, shed monocrystalline from PK Green

  • High performance PK Green 40W monocrystalline solar panel
  • For campers, caravans, camping or adds a 12V charger
  • Strong, factory mounted aluminum frame with 4 pre-drilled holes for easy installation
  • Suitable for charging 12V batteries

Dynamic testing of solar collectors with special consideration of the angle of incidence correction and the reduction of the test duration (reports from the energy technology)

  • Stephan Fischer
  • Publisher: Shaker
  • Edition no. 1 (01.12.2011)
  • Paperback: 188 pages

hsy Solar powered backpack, waterproof backpack with solar panel, travel backpack with USB charging port, suitable for hiking on campsites

  • [Anti Theft Designl] – On the back with hidden zipped pockets to protect your belongings and valuables.
  • [Large Capacity] – Multiple internal pockets for your electronics, books, documents, cell phones, tablets, cables, games and other accessories.
  • [High Efficiency Solar Module] – A detachable solar module absorbs solar energy, a high transfer rate of up to 20%, and converts it into electrical energy to charge your mobile phone or other small device.
  • [High Quality] – High quality waterproof material, metal zipper, abrasion resistant and durable, small and elegant, unisex. Can be used as a simple shoulder bag, diagonal backpack or backpack.

Solar panels: Thermal solar systems

  • Ulrich Fox
  • Publisher: Vieweg + Teubner Verlag
  • Edition no. 1998 (01.01.1998)
  • Paperback: 172 pages

Tbest Solar Fan Fan Solar Panel Powered Fan, 3W 6V Outdoor Portable Mini Fan USB Fan for Travel Camping Fishing

  • USB MINI FAN: With this fan, you can feel cool outdoors, even indoors with a computer.
  • USB OUTPUT PORT: USB 2.0 port is suitable for mobile phones, MP3, MP4 and etc.
  • EASY SELF-BUILDING YOURSELF: High-efficiency miniature solar cell, easily designed for larger load applications, including higher voltage and current loads.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT + SUPPER UTILITY: Easy to carry and store. It is a very practical portable energy bank for outdoor travel, camping, cycling and etc.


MehuangFeng calculator Electronic desktop calculator for bookkeeping business school calculation Suitable for everyday office life (color: Photo Color, size: one size fits all)

  • The basic calculator is a universal solar calculator. The large display of the desktop calculator is suitable for all entrepreneurs, workers, teachers, students and all who have to perform calculations from time to time. Better view, eye angle, upright LCD screen, automatic shutdown and solar panels ensure that the calculator also works in dimly lit areas.
  • Change key, profit margin%, +/-, turn key.
  • Made of ABS plastic, this calculator is durable and lightweight. The keys are available in different colors so you can quickly recognize numbers and operating characteristics.
  • Large and separate buttons provide more precise and efficient printing.

Kikkerland Solar Edison, Polyresin, Electronic Components, Solar Panel, Black, 9.2 x 4.8 x 20 cm

  • “The biggest weakness is giving up” – Thomas A. Edison
  • Put Edison in the sun and his solar panel charges the light bulb
  • Dimensions: H 17 cm

Solar Panel, 10W 5V Solar Panel with USB Port Ultra Thin Silicon Solar Charger Portable for Multi Phone Tablet Emergency Camping Outdoor Traveling

  • Lightweight and portable. The solar module is very thin and light. This weight 4.23 oz (120 g) solar charger is less than half similar to chargers but can only generate so much energy without the extra luggage.
  • Plug-and-Play. pushed and cumbersome solar chargers are a hassle to wear, set-up and use. The Solar Powered, 5V 10W Solar Panel is a portable charger that uses the sun’s rays to charge smartphones and tablets.
  • Fast charging. Monocrystalline solar cells and epoxy resin surface sealing that is flexible and durable. With the built-in Smart IC chip, the flow of energy is the backup the fastest and most efficient batch.
  • compatible device. The solar charger with a standard USB interface to charge your smartphone or other device while driving you will travel or camping.

Build a solar collector yourself: Your project box incl. 420 original patents will bring you to your destination with fun!

  • Building a solar collector yourself: A collection of 420 patents on 3708 pages.
  • All patents filed by companies and individuals on the subject.
  • Nominal value: EUR 1470.- (official price for patent search at EUR 3.50 / patent).
  • Simple, intuitive navigation to select patents.

DealMux 20A 12V / 24V Solar Charge Controller Solar Panel Battery Regulator Safe Protection

  • Misc.

Solar Powered Waterproof Ball Light String Colorful – ELINKUME 6M / 19.7ft 30’s LED String Light Outdoor Fairy Lights for Balcony / Patio / Yard / Home / Christmas Tree / Holiday Party

  • Fairy lights length: 6 meters (2m connection cable included). LED quantity: 30. Distance of LEDs: 10cm
  • Unique optical technology can guarantee the lamps and lanterns (in bright light) to charge automatically during the day, and in the evening (when too little light) automatic light up
  • Lamps use high efficiency solar panels, which can convert solar energy into electrical energy and is stored in the built-in battery, for use with LED lights.
  • There are 2 switches, one mode (flashing mode convert switch), another is power on / off (after turned on switch, can automatically control lighting and charging)

Gazechimp 4 Sets Aluminum Alloy Solar Panel Z Type Mounting Bracket Holder For

  • Solar-Z-mounting bracket.
  • Bolts and washers made of stainless anodized aluminum are made of stainless steel.
  • Aluminum corrosion-free construction, low weight.
  • Z type support, convenient installation.

UM Jewelry 2pcs Rhodium Solar Panel Square Block Cufflink, Blue Silver

  • Copper rhodium plated, fashion elegant
  • Feature: Anti-allergic, never fade, high gloss polished
  • Comes with a black velvet bag

Rrunzfon Solar String Lights 50LED Solar Rope Lights Outdoor Lighting Rope Device Waterproof Copper Wire PVC Rainbow Tube Lights With Solar Panel 1pc 7M Warm White Light

  • ADVANTAGE: Easy to use, you can find out about any electricity costs and problems to get rid of outdoor power outlets.
  • MATERIAL: The outdoor solar string lights are made of flexible PVC pipes that allow you to design the lights as you like.
  • DESIGN: Equipped with a smart light sensor and rechargeable battery, automatically turns off at night during the sun during a good day.
  • APPLICATION: Decorates every corner of your home, Christmas tree decorations, Christmas lights, table top, paneling, fireplace, door frame, door opening, stair railings, etc.

TOOGOO 6V 1.2W Solar Module Polycrystalline Solar Cell Durable Waterproof Charger Emergency Light Camping

  • Made of high quality material, environmentally friendly, easily waterproof, durable and delicate.
  • Low noise, high efficiency, low malfunction.
  • Wearable, foldable and lightweight, easy to carry.
  • High conversion for continuous power supply as long as there is sun.

4,27 EUR

Topker When the sun shines on the back of the insect on the solar panel, it power power, then it shakes your body as if it’s ready for something to prey on

  • When the sun shines on the back of the insect on the solar panel, it makes electricity, then it shakes its body as if its ready for something to prey on
  • It is new and unique, also it is a good demonstration of solar energy on a small and nice scale, a wonderful enlightenment for the solar energy concept teaching of the students.
  • They are funny especially if you have a bunch of them shaking all at the same time, you could be the chills
  • When exposed to sunlight, his mini motor star can shake itself as if searching for food

2,49 EUR

Gulin 5V 0.8W Mini Small Solar Panel Module DIY Polysilicon Solar Cell Panel

  • Portable: mini solar panel, compact and stylish size, easy to hold, can be easily taken to outdoor activities.
  • High quality: High quality epoxy resin, unique technology to make the components beautiful and strong, against wind and snow, increase the life of solar panels.
  • Sufficient energy: High conversion rate, high efficiency, excellent low light effect.
  • DIY your own moodel: Build your own powered models, solar toys, solar lights, solar displays, charging small DC batteries.

2,49 EUR

The earth calculates: how climate change is changing our daily lives – and what we can do

  • Claus-Peter Hutter
  • Ludwig book publishing house
  • Kindle Edition
  • Edition no. 0 (21.05.2018)

The solar park

  • Prime Video
  • German English

What does the price of a solar thermal system depend on?

Solar thermal prices depend on three factors:

  1. the field of application
  2. the size
  3. the type & quality of the solar collectors used

Now again in detail:

Area of ​​application and size: A solar thermal system can either be used exclusively for hot water or in addition to heating support. The more the solar system should perform, the larger the required solar collector area becomes. And the more residents are to be supplied with heat, the more collectors must be installed. Logically, higher prices result from larger solar collector areas.

Type of solar collectors: There are flat collectors and tube collectors. The tube collectors (also called evacuated tube collectors) are more expensive, but more efficient: they require little space on the roof for good heat recovery. To achieve a comparable heat output with flat plate collectors, more roof area is taken. Tube collectors are the first choice, especially if only a small amount of roof space is available.

Quality: In addition to the area of ​​application, the size and the type, the quality is decisive for the solar thermal prices. Quality features of a solar collector include, for example, the efficiency , the length of the guarantee (also performance guarantee) and much more. The following prices are based on an average quality.

How expensive is the solar system for hot water production?

The price for a solar system for hot water production in 2019 amounts to a price of around 5,000 euros (including installation) for a one-family house (4 persons).

The mentioned price includes:

  • 4 to 6 square meters of collector surface (about 1,500 euros)
  • the assembly (about 1,500 euros)
  • and the solar storage (about 1,000 to 2,000 euros).

If vacuum tube collectors are used instead of the normal flat collectors, the price increases.

How expensive is the solar thermal system with heating support?

In many cases, however, a solar thermal system with heating support is to be acquired. As more solar panels and a larger (or second) solar storage tank are needed in this case, you need to invest more.

For a 4-person household recommend:

  • 16 square meters of flat plate collectors (about 5,000 euros)
  • with at least 600 liter solar storage tank (about 2,000 to 3,000 euros)
  • The assembly work is around 3,000 euros.

The solar thermal prices for such heat-assisting systems currently total around € 10,000 .

As a guideline to the price of the use of the solar thermal you can remember the following information :

For every square meter of solar collector area, a complete solar thermal system costs around 500 to 750 euros.
Important: It is not the m² collector surface that costs so much, but the entire system (with all accessories and mounting) divided by the collector surface.

1.3. With which tips can you save on the purchase?

In the new building, it is particularly inexpensive by:

  • funding
  • faster assembly
  • the memory you need anyway
  • and the craftsmen are already in the house anyway!

But even in the case of an old building, roof or heating renovation attract beneficial funding programs:

  • If the roof has to be re-covered anyway, you can save up to 20% of the solar thermal costs while completing the work
  • Apply for funding

The investment in solar technology is calculable. We recommend an exact price comparison of different offers .

1.3.1. Save by self-assembly

Of course, you can also lend a hand and save installation costs. Solar heat complete sets would be eg:
200 300 400 500 800 1000 L liters of drinking water storage solar storage …Price: EUR 460,00

Solar system hot water drinking water service water complete package 5 m² …Price: EUR 2,973.50

Solar system complete package hot water flat collectors 5,02m² …Price: EUR 2,482.90

1000Watt photovoltaic system for self-consumption Plug & Play …Price: EUR 1,249.00

The instructions here are often very detailed and the skilled craftsman will probably succeed the installation without major problems. As a layman, you should be sure that you may be able to fall back on a friendly craftsman or installer, in case then questions arise and the installation does not proceed as originally planned.

What are the costs for operation and maintenance of solar thermal energy?

Every technical system must be maintained and operated with electricity. Of course, this also applies to a solar thermal system.

The operating costs for the electricity are very low and amount to just 15 to 20 euros per year. Even if the costs are manageable, you should still be considered.

Furthermore, regular maintenance is recommended – but every two years is sufficient. These cost depending on the effort between 50 and 100 euros.As a guideline to the solar thermal costs you can remember the following information : 
The cost of the solar thermal system is around 1.5% of the purchase price per year.

Example: Cost of a solar thermal system + heating support

In a 3 years old house with 150 square meters of heated living space live 4 people. The annual costs for gas heating without solar thermal energy amount to 1,300 Euro in the current year, with an assumed annual gas price increase of 3%. So in 20 years you will come to total heating energy costs of almost 35,000 euros.

Costs for hot water and heating WITHOUT solar thermal (gas price: 6.5 cents)kWhEuro
Energy consumption and heating costs in the current year16,000 kWh1,040 €
Energy consumption and costs of hot water in the current year4,000 kWh260 €
total heating costs in the current year1,300 €
Total heating costs in 20 years (including 3% annual gas price increase)34,931.49 euros

It is considered the additional purchase of a solar thermal system, which should reduce the heating costs. The installer makes an offer in which the solar thermal system price is around 9,000 euros. The solar system should last at least 20 years.

Costs for a solar thermal system (including heating support)Euro
16 square meters of flat plate collectors5,000 €
900 liter solar combined storage tank (200 liters of it for hot water)2,000 €
Assembly1,800 €
Total price solar thermal system8,800 €

The expert calculates that the solar thermal system will take over 25% of the heat and 60% of the hot water. This is still a moderate and cautious calculation. In some cases, a solar thermal system can even save up to 70% of the hot water costs.

Cost savings with the solar thermal systemAvg. / Yearin 20 years
Heating (25% of the cost of heating)349.31 €6,986.30 €
Hot water (60% of the cost of hot water)209.59 €4,191.78 €
Total savings through solar thermal energy558,90 €11,178.08 €

If one compares the investment in the solar system with the savings, a plus of more than 2,100 euros remains. So far, however, we have discounted two factors: the use of subsidies and the running costs of the solar thermal system. This is what we want to do in the last step.

Conclusion of the calculation: Is solar thermal energy worthwhile for heating heat generation?
Savings within the 20 years11,178.08 €
less solar thermal price for purchase (140 € / m 2 collector area)9,000 €
plus promotion of solar collectors2,240 €
minus operating and maintenance costs within the 20 years2,700 €
Result1718.08 €

The calculation of the economic efficiency of solar thermal energy shows in our example: The solar thermal system with heating support is worthwhile! The heating billing is significantly relieved. If gas prices rose more strongly than expected each year, the savings would be even greater.

Example: solar thermal only for hot water

Now we would like to dedicate ourselves to another example: It should be purchased a solar thermal system, which should only prepare hot water. To ensure comparability, we start from the same constraints as in our first example above. We anticipate one thing: the result will surprise you!

The building has existed for 3 years and is inhabited by 4 people. The cost of heating water by the gas heating without solar thermal energy amount in the current year 260 euros. With a gas price increase of 3% per annum, total heating costs within 20 years amount to € 5,408.15. Of these, the solar thermal plant is to take over 60%. The result is the following calculation.

Cost of the solar thermal system (hot water only)Euro
6 square meters of flat plate collectors1,600 €
Solar storage with 300 liter capacity1.250 €
Assembly1,600 €
minus minimum funding500 €
Total price solar thermal system3.850 €
Running costs of the solar systemEuro
1.5% of the purchase price (per year)57.75 €
Total cost of solar thermal system in 20 years€ 1,155
Savings through the solar thermal system
Savings from solar thermal energy (per year)209.59 €
Savings from solar thermal energy (in 20 years)4,191.78 €
Overall result: Is solar thermal energy worthwhile for water heating?
Savings through solar thermal energy4,191.78 €
Purchase price and costs5005 €
Result-813,22 €

After 20 years, the result of our solar thermal system for the exclusive production of hot water is negative! In other words, the payback period of such a hot water solar system is more than 20 years. Whether you invest anyway, you have to decide for yourself.

We advise against it.Instead, invest directly in a solar thermal system for heating support .It’s really worth it!

Of course you can buy a solar thermal system for exclusive hot water production also for purely environmental reasons. But even in this case, the solar thermal with heating support helps to protect the environment even more. So even when considering the environmental aspects , we clearly recommend only the solar thermal with heat recovery .

Is solar hot water not worth it at all? Maybe – under good conditions, especially in southern Germany. Due to the stronger solar radiation, the solar system can partially generate over 70% of the hot water there. This has a positive effect on the payback period and the return on investment.

Solar thermal energy for exclusive water heating is usually not worth it! Only the solar thermal with heating support is worthwhile! 
On other solar websites you will always find the note that the hot water solar thermal would be absolutely worthwhile. What is concealed: This type of solar thermal pays for itself only after 25 to 30 years. Let’s hope the solar system will last so long. Seriously: calculate yourself and let nothing be told!

Where can I find offers for solar thermal systems?

You do not need to look far! On you will find a request form. Advantage:  
Your request will be sent directly to companies that offer in your area – so you save yourself the initial phone calls. The companies are already receiving important data in advance, and will contact you as desired and send you offers or informational material!


How can I check offers for solar thermal systems?

Even if this initially seems confusing, the individual components of the solar thermal system and thus positions of the offer should be described exactly. The following details should be included in the offer so that the investment can be compared with comparative offers:

    Manufacturer & Collector Type, Number of Collectors, 
    Mounting System / Bracket (Accessories & Pipe Connectors)
    Manufacturer and type, material, coating, corrosion protection, 
    Heat exchanger, where are the connections, which insulation is used, how high is the heat loss?
    Manufacturer & Type, Pump Type, Gauge, 2 Thermometers, Safety Valve, Expansion Tank, Gravity Brakes, 2 Fill & Drain Taps, Breather, Which Heat Transfer Medium Is Used (Manufacturer Type)
  4. PIPING 
    Type, length, insulation (material & thickness), connections to collector and storage
  5. REHEAT 
    Pipe type, length, insulation (material & thickness), connections cold water – hot water incl. All built-in parts, connection to storage
    Differential temperature controller – type, 2 or more temperature sensors (material), functional description, built-in components
    Boiler type of reheating, if new is installed 
    Connection of a circulation pump 
    Installation & type of heat meter 
    Thermostatic hot water mixer for reheating

Check if the following   Cost as extra position or inclusive   be counted. This must be taken into account when comparing the offers!

  1. Assembly  
    in particular required ceiling / wall openings
  2. ride costs
  3. Commissioning + briefing / handover of the system
  4. Disposal of building rubble, transport packaging, …
  5. Electrical installation & lightning protection

Pay attention to the following quality features of solar thermal systems!

  1. Mounting according to DIN 4757
  2. DIN test mark for the memory
  3. DIN / ISO certification for collectors, type approval, minimum yield certificate
  4. Warranty conditions for the components should be / appear in the offer
  5. Security features – Intrinsic safety of the system confirmed by the installer?
  6. Delivery time, terms of payment, discount, offer validity

Give the individual companies that submit offers points for the following additional quality features:

  1. References of the craftsman   
    z. B. also visit a reference system
  2. Quality of advice 
    How much time does the company take to give you personal advice? 
    Will ALL your questions be carefully considered?  
    Does the farm create a needs analysis for my needs? 
    Do I get simulated calculations to get an idea of ​​the yields? 
    Does the company change individual positions on request, or does it continue to advise me carefully on change requests?
  3. Personal impression of the company 
    Of course, a little subjective, but also the stomach you should sometimes trust to find out if the company wants to make only the fast money!

The above list is a checklist and will probably never cover all questions. Please note, however, these points will provide you with solid basic knowledge that will select the right offer for you!

We wish you much success in the construction of your own solar system!

Solar Panels - Best Products & Opinions 2019

Roofs can be more than weather protection. On many roof surfaces and on many facades there is space for a solar system. Be it for solar collector

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