Ventus W155 Weather Station review

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Ventus W155 Weather Station review

Product Description

This advanced weather station is made and ​​developed for those who want very local weather measurements on their terrace, garden or balcony The weather station provides local measurements of wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, humidity and temperature, directly from wireless sensors This unit has unique characteristics such as index calculation of cold index, heat index and dew point This chic weather station in is for those who want to have a very detailed overview of the local weather conditions where they are Functions: * DCF-77 radio controlled date and time * Wind speed in mph, km / h, knots, Beaufort, m / s. * Measurement of wind speed with wind gusts and average speed. Wind direction with 16 different directions, Cold index alarm * Storm alarm Dew point-temperature Heat index temperature. Internal/external temperature, Internal/external humidity and Rain measurement


The Ventus Weather station is easy to setup, it takes about 20 minutes to assemble.  We setup the rain and wind sensors outside about 15 meters from the main unit and had no problem syncing at all.  The Wind sensor is a bit fiddly due to it needing to be completely level.  There is a built in spirit level though to guide you.  There is a wealth of data displayed and data is kept in memory for a year and can easily be viewed.  The only drawback I found was the LCD screen is poor.  You need to be close and directly in front of the device to read it properly.  Ignoring the poor screen as it’s not a show stopper I would recommend the Ventus Weather Station.  

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